Sonic Impact Portable Video Ipod Player 7″ LCD w/ Accessories.

Who needs a portable DVD player when in today’s world you can download a movie or music videos straight to your ipod.  Ofcourse, then you have to put up with that small screen to view it on… well, not anymore if you invest in a portable Ipod video player.   They’ve been out for quite some time now but just recently becoming extremely popular, and if you haven’t sprung and bought one yet then you should be glad that you didnt.

 Why? Because now they’ve gone down in prices!  There is one HELLUVA deal going on right now at where you get this bad boy for next to nothing!  The list value is 299.99  … Yeah, 300 Bucks! However, its on sale for 39.99!!! With free shipping!!!  It says it fits any ipod, and I truly hope so, as I own an Ipod Touch, and I have ordered it, so I guess we will see, and I will post a follow up on that matter.

Read the reviews from the people who have already purchased it, even they speak highly of this, and a couple of them bought this back when it was 79.99! It comes with an AC adapater, a car adapter, and a carrying case!  All that with Ipod plug in accessories and it can plug into your tv, boasting a 7 in lcd screen is definitely a must buy.   So where’s the link right?  Haha. Here!

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Call Of Duty 4 New Maps Dated!

Finally, a date set in stone.  April 24th you can download the new map pack! Including “Killhouse” “Broadcast” “Creek” & “Chinatown” and what better way to celebrate than ALL WEEKEND LONG DOUBLE XPERIENCE POINTS!! From April 25th to April 27th at Midnight.

And if that’s not a nice enough treat for you then how about playing the folks at Infinity Ward? Well, this can be done as well for North American players on Friday from 5pm to 8pm!

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Horray for Netblender ; Ipod Touch/Phone meets Blu-ray!

Well it has been announced that Netblender has created software for the iPhone and Ipod Touch that connects to BD-Live blu-ray players, such as the playstation 3 :)  The application has been named “BD-Touch” and connects through network connections to and thus allows them to share data!

This makes it very easy to transfer digital copies of movies that come on some BD discs.  As well as playing some of the BD extra trivia games while using the Touch or iPhone as a remote.

Can you say playing your entire Album collection via your PS3? Now lets transfer the files and get the in-game music playing like the 360 :)

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Buy 2 Get One Free Blu-rays

A little late with this post but I’ve been pretty busy as of sorts, what with working on developing a clan community for online gaming, specifically for the Playstation 3.  If you’d like to check that out it can be seen at  Looks alot like this site for right now but within the next couple weeks there will be a new look.  SO WHAT ABOUT THE BLU-RAYS!!?  Right?  Haha, well I’m getting there.

To no surprise, its a deal going on through  which can be located  Here!  So you put 3 in your cart and at the end it takes off the cheapest one, thus, buying two getting one free.  As far as B&M sales go, I did just so happen to be in Target today and noticed that the “Reign Over Me” Blu-ray has had a price cut and can be had for 14.99.

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Fantom Titanium-II 500 GB External Hard Drive

External hard drives are great to store mass media amongst other things and the storage capacity just keeps on getting bigger and better, there are even some in the TB range!  I myself own 2 external hard drives with both being in the 150 gb range.  I know 150 GB is alot but believe it or not I’ve already filled one up.  Eventually I will get around to purchasing another and at the very least I’m going to want a 500 GB as it took me ages to fill up the 150 the 500 should do just fine. 

 This right here is smashing deal for a 500 and the Fantom has great reviews all from multiple customers at tigerdirect and with all being 5 star ratings.  Its usb 2.0 and its only 3.5 inches thick.  It boasts transfer rates of up to 480mb per second and it is fully usb 1.1 backwards compatible.  It can hold 212 2-hour DVD quality movies.  440 days worth of around the clock 24/7 mp3 audio or 186,000 + pics.  Most good deals you find on 500GB External Hard drives are around the $120-150 range, and thats on a good deal.   Right now at tigerdirect you can get this for $119.00 and then with a rebate you get an extra $20 off brining your final paid price (once you recieve that check in the mail.) down to $99 bucks!

So if your in the market for an External HD and want one that will last through time then you may want to invest on this Fantom Titanium.  Just search for it at and it will come right up.

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Blu-ray laser

Well when it comes to gadgets and gizmos lasers seem to have their own popular fan base.  I myself am a blu-ray fan, and I admit lasers are cool, and this one certainly is, but to believe that people pay 2,000 bucks for this is beyond me.

This one happens to be a blu-ray laser, and the first of its kind, its actually official too.  Its made by wicked lasers so a simple search for them will bring you up more info if your truly intrested.  I thought the pics were cool and in that sense decided to share this with you all.

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Samsung HL-T5087S 50″ New Slim LED 1080P DLP TV $999.99!!!

Oh my god another blockbuster deal, or should I say steal!  A 50 inch 1080P DLP Slim tv for this price is ridiculously great, and to add that its ran off LED Engine is another fantastic feature to boot!  If your looking for a HDTV, this is the one!  You’ll save a bundle compared to others and this one can out beat alot of tvs going for even 3,000!  There’s free shipping too which is a huge plus at keeping this in the 1k range.

Found HERE! at I co-sign on this because I personally own a 61 Inch DLP SLIM 1080P HDTV and overly satisfied, I love samsungs! Great quality and sleek designs create a truly great home entertainment experience. I’d snatch this up in a heartbeat if I needed one for the main room or an upgrade for that matter but I’m only currently in the market for a bedroom tv and 50 inch would just be pushing it. Looking for a 40 inch personally. Never the less, still tempted haha!

This set is also 3D HD Ready and you can refer to my last article about DLP tv’s and the “10,000 more 3d movies screens coming” to learn more about this feature. Well here’s the best deal on a tv you will find, and I challenge you to beat it! Haha.

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Digital Video Essentials : HD Basics for blu-ray

Well this Blu-ray released last week and if you dont know what it is, let me explain a little bit about it to you.  Its much like the HD-DVD version except its geared for blu-ray.  This disc explains to you the ins and outs of HDTVs but not only that, it shows you how to calibrate your tv!

 Calibration of your HDTV is a big important part of taking your huge investment you put towards it to the next level.  I spent around $3,000 for my DLP and albeit I didn’t call upon an Audio Visual company to come to my house and give me a professional calibration (which runs around $300 bucks) I’ve been eagerly awaiting this Blu-ray release and have no problem forking down the $20 bucks this dvd is retailing for.  There are cheaper places to get it, and I’ll get to that.

This disc was created by home theater legend Joe Kane and boasts an easy to use menu system.  It comes complete with a quick set up option that includes a nicely in depth description and explanation on how to use test patterns to calibrate your tv display.  It includes audio commentary from Joe as well as a cinematographer Allen Daviau to help demonstrate things.  Plus a 97 minute overview of HDTVs.

If you’ve spent thousands on you home theater set up then do yourself a favor and purchase this blu-ray to get that professional calibration that could cost you around $300 if out-called.  Now remember, this is calibrating your tv to Blu-ray standards.  I went to a local Best Buy looking for this Blu last week and unfortunately I didn’t find it.  Funny enough, they were trying to sell me on some $40 calibration DVD.  First off, if I calibrated to DVD standards then ultimately thats what im getting, a great picture for DVDs, when what I want is a great picture for blu-ray and DVD, and $40 is too much for that independent underground DVD they were trying to push on me.

 So, what did I do? I ordered the DVE : HD Basics for Blu-ray from who has it on sale for 16.99.  If your a first time user of google check out then you can actually cop it for 6.99!!!

Which can be found HERE!

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PSN Hacked? Strong Possibility

Rumors have been flying around that the Playstation netowork has been hacked.  I figured I’d make a post on this for those who are not aware.  Basically if you try to log in to your PSN account and you cant, you may have been hacked.  Its been said that that a newly discovered security hole may have allowed the hackers to attack accounts and get ahold of their digital wallets.

This is ofcourse only if you listed a credit card during sign up.  Its not for certain how many got hacked if any at all, but its a huge possibility.  They claim that purchases could be made through PSN store but since your credit card# is blocked out when entered that they couldnt get that infom, although they could get all your personal information, address and such.  If you feel that your account may have been hacked then you should contact PSN immediately.  Which can be reached at

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$50 Best Buy Gift Cards for HD-DVD Player Owners

So you bought an HD-DVD Player? What now right?  Well if you purchased one from Best Buy and they have your information in their system then they will be mailing you a $50 gift card.  One of three ways they have your information is if you bought an extended warranty or if you used your reward zone card, and I believe the third way is just if you used a credit card and they send it to that said billing address.

I recieved an email being notified I was recieving one, shocked at first as I didnt buy an HD-DVD player from them as I did buy one from Wal-Mart though.  Then I remembered, long ago, the original HD-DVD Xbox 360 add on  :P  I completely forgot as this was stolen along with many other things in a home burglary 2 years ago.  So that’s cool :-)  Now for those that invested in HD-DVD movies ( I didnt :P ) you too have a place to get Best Buy gift cards.  Just click Here! to go to “Best Buy Trade In”

It is said if you dont recieve your Best Buy $50 gift card by May 1st then to call 1-888-BEST-BUY and if you have any further HD-DVD questions then visit

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