About DC

Hello readers, I am a technology guru!  I love new electronic things, atleast ones that are cool and useful!  I love music (pretty much of all kinds, except country, sorry folks.) I love movies, and have been an avid collector of DVDs since their creation.  I try to stay hip to everything else, Cell phones, GPS, Ipods, Zunes etc.  Oh, and ofcourse growing up in the gaming generation (Since Atari/Nintendo THE 8 BIT SYSTEM HAHA!!) I do still love games, although it takes a great game to keep my attention.  I usually cycle between games and movies in my free time, that and watching sports. 

I was originally born in Louisiana, but raised in Houston, Texas.  I recently moved to Indianapolis, Indiana for a job and thus not knowing anyone really besides the people at my work gives me plenty of free time to rant on about topics dealing with everything electronic, any requests? I’m sure I will rant about anything just drop me a line or a comment on a post.  I’m 25 years old and having fun watching where the world is going electronically.